Tad Reeves | About

Tad Reeves | About


Out mountain biking with my kids

My name is Tad Reeves, and I am an Adobe-Certified AEM Architect and AEM Dev/Ops Engineer, cycling enthusiast, train & transit junkie, and father of three. Originally from New England, I’ve also lived many years in Oregon and the DC area, and my family currently lives on Lookout Mountain just outside Chattanooga.

I’m currently an Adobe Experience Manager Architect. What is Adobe Experience Manager? Well, as it’s a complicated answer, I made a video with some colleagues of mine where I discuss Adobe Experience Manager, how it works and the new AEM Cloud Service product. Skip to 4:15 in the video below for an overview of what AEM is, how it works, and what its main component parts are.

As you can imagine, I love helping people get the most out of their IT & Marketing budgets by having the right infrastructure and Dev/Ops practices to make it purr like a kitten. Please do hit me up on LinkedIn and I’d be happy to chat about such.

As to my story, I got my first technology jobs in 1996 working at a local Portland-area internet service provider and also teaching computer classes at Incredible Universe (remember that place?)   I’ve been an AEM/CQ Ops engineer for the last 10+ years, and love to diagram, design and generally obsess over system architectures.  I’ve put my hands directly on the AEM/CQ sites for 35 different major brands around the world, and would love to hear about yours.

When I’m not slaving over a hot server or agonizing over a deployment pipeline diagram, I spend maximum time with my family (who also love to bike), mountain biking and skiing and generally spending as much time as we possibly can outside.

The video here is my family’s bi-annual “adventure video” for 2021’s Spring/Winter seasons and gives a pretty solid view as to what’s important in my family. Please crank it up & enjoy. 🙂

I’m also a lifelong transit enthusiast, have taken trains all over the USA, Europe and China, and love debating the merits of a properly designed mixed-mode transportation infrastructure.