3DS Max 9 on Windows Vista

March 9, 2007 189 By Tad Reeves

I just got a pair of brilliant new Gateway AMD Athlon64 5200+ machines for 3DS Max. They came pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium, so I thought it a great time to try out Windows Vista.

Of course, I install 3DS Max 9 as the first app. However, I go to run the thing and I get nothing but a big, fat error. Apparently, 3D Studio Max does not run on Windows Vista. That’s what it says on the Autodesk site, that’s what it says on Maxforums, and that’s what I’m seeing in real life. Don’t see a patch for it either.

Anyone have a clue here? Know when they’re going to be doing something about this? A bit odd that the OS that the blasted planet (unfortunately) is going to be using doesn’t work with 3DS.

Now I REALLY wish it worked on Linux.

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