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3DS Max 9 on Windows Vista

I just got a pair of brilliant new Gateway AMD Athlon64 5200+ machines for 3DS Max. They came pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium, so I thought it a great time to try out Windows Vista.

Of course, I install 3DS Max 9 as the first app. However, I go to run the thing and I get nothing but a big, fat error. Apparently, 3D Studio Max does not run on Windows Vista. That’s what it says on the Autodesk site, that’s what it says on Maxforums, and that’s what I’m seeing in real life. Don’t see a patch for it either.

Anyone have a clue here? Know when they’re going to be doing something about this? A bit odd that the OS that the blasted planet (unfortunately) is going to be using doesn’t work with 3DS.

Now I REALLY wish it worked on Linux.

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  2. I had a similar experience when I bought a new HP 64bit dual core machine for my render farm. Good deal at about $800. Came with Vista Home Premium. Tried to install HP on second drive with XP but HP isn’t supplying any XP drivers for the MOBO. Friend who works for Microsoft quoted Steve Ballmer saying “It doens’t matter if people don’t buy Vista right away because every new PC will come only with Vista installed” basically like it or not, XP is done. I took the HP back to the store and now I’m going back to my plan to build a hellacious quad core from scratch when the next check comes from a client, and install XP. I’ve read that a 30 minute image will render in 6 on a well built quad.

    1. I never hade an error msg. what I hade to do to get so I could see anything in the viewports is open 3ds max, go to customize tab/preferences/viewports tab/choose driver/select open gl
      it works now and I dont even know how to use it )

  3. Mark –
    That’s the way to go, I think. I ended up getting Windows XP x64 for the two Gateway boxes, and they’re busy rendering away on 3DS Max 9 now. The Athlon64 5200+ boxes aren’t quite as quick as a fast Core2 Duo, but they’re still twice as fast as the dual 2.8Ghz Xeon boxes they’re replacing.

    Interesting you mentioned the quad though. I just built a Core2 Extreme Quad QX6700 box (2.66Ghz) and it definitely smokes. A render that took 6 minutes on the dual 2.8ghz machine is around 2.1 minutes on the Core2 Quad. There’s more optimization to do, but it’s still a marked improvement.

    The Quad’s running XP 32-bit though. 🙂 Certainly not Vista.

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  5. You can get it to run on Vista if you right click on the shortcut, click properties, go to the compatibility tab, and check disable desktop composition! :).

    1. By: Novaoblivion “You can get it to run on Vista if you right click on the shortcut, click properties, go to the compatibility tab, and check disable desktop composition!”

      Thanks buddy. that fixed it for me! 🙂

    2. Novaoblivion is right right click on the shortcut click properties got to compatibility check disable desktop composition then apply right click on the shortcut again and run as admistrator when you get the 998 error click ok and there you go you have to run as admistrator every time you want to use 3ds max

  6. that don’t work got my hopes up too… Apparently there is a way to shadow your hd and have XP on it as well, and then you can just boot up XP and run 3dsmax on that… It is just hopeless !!! oh, it uses 900mb of RAM just to bloody idle as well, so there goes a bit of renderin’ grunt anywayz… not much hope for us…

  7. Chris –
    As Vista is a total resource hog, and as I was going to turn off ALL of Vista’s visual effects & such to run 3DS Max, it was sort of a no brainer to say to heck with it and just grab Windows XP 64 and fire it up. After all, I dropped $1000 on that QX6700 CPU so I could get some performance, not so my computer would look cute and fuzzy while using my system resources.

  8. I managed to get 3DSMax9 to work with Vista Home Premium, doing as Novaoblivion mentioned earlier. However I also set the program to run with Windows XP SP2 compatibility and as administrator. I just finished doing this right now, tried building a few simple primitives and rendering it with mental ray, everything is working fine so far. The only problem I have is the program not using my mouse’s side button (which I’ve designated as my middle button) to move the camera around. I can use the actual middle button though. I also still get that “DxDDS.bmi failed to initialize” error, but other than that, it seems to be working fine.

    1. my 3d max 9 work fine with my vista, ive install 3d max 9 and when i open i’ve got the error message something like dxdds.bmi but i click ok and it’s work fine for me. but everytime i open i got the error message….i downloaded max 9 sp2 and when i open it no more error on it great programmmmmm cheerssss

  9. I experience a similar situation, and changed the compatability and everything worked, but somewhere down the line my X,Y and Z movement axis disabled. i have to change view port windows depending on where/how i want to move my models. i’m brand new to 3ds max, so i don’t know if i did that myself (from not knowing the program), but it is very frustrating. if anyone can help i would really appreciate it.

  10. If it says that it won’t work with Vista then it wont. Kind’a like your car that says it requires unleaded gas but you want to put diesel in it.

  11. I have gotten it to work no problem, didn’t have to put in compatibility mode either. But when I move around in one viewport all other inactive viewports go crazy 🙁

  12. It’s been a few days now, everything is still running smoothly, I’m just waiting for that error to bite me in the ass when I least expect it. I still have to get used to using the actual middle button rather than the button on the side of my mouse though, it’s kind of a bummer, like going from inverted camera movement to normal… annoying at first but you get used to it.

  13. I’ve had max 8 running for a while aswell but it makes me miss the features of max 9 so I’ve been trying for a while to get 9 working properly. It actually made me wonder for the longest time why an older version of a program would be more compatible than a newer one…

  14. I second that, i cant go without 3ds max, it i my bible, and i cant be bothered to re-install xp (after the trouble i had upgrading to vista. a clean install was required after days of tweaking), where can i download this patch and i it quality!!?

  15. I had the same problem, but if you right click on the icon and go to “run as adiministrator” it worked just fine.

  16. My Razer Diamondback mouse doesn’t work for panning for me, only a crapy two button mouse with a standard

  17. My Razer Diamondback mouse doesn’t work for panning for me, only a crapy two button mouse with a standard scroller works. But as far as Vista and computability all you have to do is disable UAC (Which sucks!!!) and turn off the transparency’s theme that messes up direct 10 with 3DS 9

  18. I just finished installing Extension 1: Productivity booster, everything works 100% now. My mouse is fine with the extra button functioning properly and that error I used to get doesn’t pop up anymore. Cheers to Autodesk.

  19. Hello I have Windows VISTA Home Prem. & 3ds Max 9 didn’t work on it yesterday.. Thank you for all the instructions, now I can get it to WORK by right click on the short-cut & choose ‘Properties’. Then under the ‘Compatibility’ tab I check these boxes:
    1/ Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP
    2/ Disable Desktop composition (eliminate viewport error)
    3/ Run this program as an administrator
    That’s it. Hope everyone can get it to work 🙂

  20. wow thanks A LOT guys, those instructions about changing the compatibility options worked perfectly for me!

  21. I’m running Max 9 on vista fine 🙂 thanks to Novaoblivion posted on – March 11, 2007.

    This is what i did.
    Right click on autodesk 3dsmax 9 32bit
    clicked on properties
    clicked on compatability tab and click on run this program in compatability mode for windows sp2
    Disabled desktop desktop compossition
    Finally i checked run this program as an administrator

    thats it fellas, it works fine 🙂

  22. where can i find “requires 3ds Max 9 Extension 1: Productivity Booster”?
    Also, I’ve changed the compatability and desktop composition but still doesn’t work. any idea?
    Disable Desktopm composition should be on or off?

  23. I was just close to uninstall 3d max 9 if it wasnt for orangetintin and this forum.. thanks dude now i get my windows vista home premium to run 3d max 9 sp1

  24. Running in compatibility mode (xp) and turning off desktop composition, as well as running as admin, 3ds max loads up, but then becomes unclickable and then doesnt respond. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

  25. thanks guys
    I did what dos three steps
    clicked on properties
    clicked on compatability tab and click on run this program in compatability mode for windows sp2
    Disabled desktop desktop compossition
    and it works fine, still has the error message, but it’s working

  26. I’ve been running Vista Business for over a month now on a new alienware machine, and I’ve had no issues whatsoever with it. Best OS Microsoft has ever put out. You just have to know what you’re doing. When I install a new device, it asks me if I have a driver… do I have one… no, so I pick search online… no luck… so I tell it to look in c:windowssystem32… and BINGO, there’s the driver. Repeat for each driver that needs to be installed for the device. Might seem like a hassle to many people, but HEY… that’s the correct order that driver’s SHOULD BE searched for when installing. Think about it: 1. drivers that came with it. 2. most up to date driver. 3. drivers that come with vista. What a beautiful OS.

    People who have problems with Vista lack a basic understanding of what’s changed. DAHH, you can get apps like 3DS Max 9 to run fine by turning off desktop composition and allowing the program the same level of access it had in XP by running it as administrator. And of course checking XP compatibility mode makes sense as well, since after all, it was designed for XP. Those three steps seem like no-brainers to me.

    Anyway, what’s neat about the hardware accelerated / composed desktop is that since the printscreen key is now taking screenshots of a composed desktop image, I can now press printscreen and capture DVD images playing in Windows Media Player! No more of that blank spot appearing like in XP, which kinda let every different app monopolize different rectangles on the screen. In Vista’s composed desktop, it’s just one big final rendered image, that I’m free to printscreen and do whatever I want with it. It’s wonderful.

  27. Just tried your solution. Ran the full install in xp compatibility, as adim, and with the desktop compossition off… same with the program when innstalled.

    It fiered up fine, (wich it didn’t before) but freezed as soon as it opened, just before the welcomescreen…

    Then i tried to install the productivity booster, but i was only abale to run the .msi install file for thatone. once the install was a micro second from complete, it told me i had innsuficcient permission and needed to log on as administrator.

    I pressed ok, and the install semmed to be complete, but know i crashes as soon as i hit the shortcut.

    And I can’t seem to find a way to log on as admin although i should have all the admin permissions.

  28. To all people having problem using 3d max 9 on vista , I got you the solution.
    1.right click on the shortcut, click properties, go to the compatibility tab, and check disable desktop composition!

    2.Run change graphic mood and choose software instead of open Gl, or 3d hardware.

    3. you will still have the error message DsDDs.bmi…….
    but guess what…… it works great

  29. What about the productivity booster? anyone managed to install that on Vista? to bypass the Adminstrator bullshit…
    I couldn’t acess the change gfx. mode either now. Guess i’ll have to start over agin on a fresh install…

    But won’t Software mode slow down the program pretty bad???

  30. Hey Raed Haddad, what do you mean by saying “Run change graphic mood” in your step 2, because I can’t figure out how to do it.

  31. by the way I tried changing everything that you guys say when I right click on the shortcut, like the compatibility with xp, running the program as an administrator and the disable desktop composition, but still I get the same freakin’ error. Fuck!!

  32. If you read the instructions that come with the Productivity Booster, you’ll see that it says you need to turn off the User Access Control (UAC) temporarily to install. I personally just leave it off because it’s a pain in the ass. Once you turn it off, restart your computer, install the Productivity Booster, turn it back on (if you want to put up with it) then restart again. It should install fine.

  33. Interesting info about installation on Vista, thanks to you all. But what is still not clear to me is that the Productivity Booster requires Max 9 to be installed first, but the installer only allows a 32-bit install on my 64-bit Vista Business system. What steps should I follow to get Max 9 64-bit running on my Vista Business? I know that Max 9 32-bit doesn’t want to run unless I completely deinstall my NOD32 antivirus software. I’d rather skip all the hassle if possible.

  34. Ah … found it. You can manually override the automatic setup by exploring the installation DVD and going to the 64-bit installation folder and run the setup that can be found there to install the 64-bit version of Max 9 on Vista. After having done that you can install the 64-bit version of the Productivity Booster and you’re ready to go for Max in full 64-bit glory. 🙂 I did read somewhere though that Max 9 64-bit has problems running in OpenGL mode when using Vista. Have to check that out yet.

  35. A designer that does work with me was just asking if, now that new macs are all Intel-based, whether or not 3DS Max will get ported to OSX. With all of the difficulties people are having just to get it working on Vista, though, I tend to think not. Anyone know?

  36. Just set it as : run as administrator, and leave all the other options to whatever youd like. Works like a charm, no need to put it in compatability mode.

  37. hi
    while i was looking for a a solution for this very same problem .. i found this page .. it was left opened with other pages unitil i found the best solution to work the compatibility issue out ..
    you guys should get this 3ds Max 9 Extension: Productivity Booster you can find more about it here

    its available to download for autodesk registrars or something .. but since i’m a warez user ( no need to talk about it now ) i was able to get a torrent of it .. unfortunatly .. i dont think its quite “alive” so the download is gonna take some time .. well for premium users of 3ds max i dont think that getting the extension would be such a hard thing .. but if you(any one) want the “illegal” version i may help you out .. email me !

  38. thanks for the advise, nearly had to partition my 2 grand beast to run xp to house 3ds max….

    worked a treat, just wish autocad didnt charge a subscription for DX10 support.

    Anyone know of a third party plugin, or a crack or patch to run DX10 in max 9?

    BTW anyone had issues with bipeds crashing in max 9? i got SP2, but its still screwed.

    Dual core, overclock, 8800 gtx 768mb & 3 gig of ram, and it fucking freezes.


    waz m

  39. i have the same problem as you guys with my 3dstudio 9, i did the compatibility thing but im still having problems with vista!!
    have any of you where can i get it for free?
    thanks a lot Mauricio

  40. Ok well I figured out how to fix this. Follow this link:
    from that page download service pack 2 for 3DS Max 9. Install the patch. Right click the 3DS Max Icon and go to properties. In the compatibility tab turn OFF compatibility mode and uncheck Desktop Composition. 3DS Max 9 SP2 automatically handles these mow. You may still need to give the program administrative access. Run the program and voila!. IT WORKS!!!

  41. I have windows vista and i am trying to run 3d studio max 9 and i installed it and i went to properties and changed everything to what it is suppose to be like put it compatible with xp and disable desktop composition and also run as administrator but when i click on it it says: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click OK to terminate the application. Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix it?????

  42. Someone mentioned you have to know how Vista works and this is very true.

    Vista has new security features in place that protect the Program Files location that is used by 99% of apps to install into.

    However as this is a protected area you will have allot of issues unless the application vendor has catered for the new Virtual Folder feature. To get around this issue and also allow 3D Max 9 to work properly I recommend you install 3DS Max 9 into a different location other than C:Program Files….

    I have installed 3DS Max 9 into another folder I created for all of my programs:

    C:My AppsAutodesk….

    This allows me to update my applications whenever they need them without encountering the stupid Vista security.

    There are some caveats, you lose the benefits of the protected file space however for power users this is not an issue as long as you use some common sense and your PC is well protected.

    The SP2 update will work fine now, no need to log in as an Admin, simply right-click the setup.exe file and choose “Run As Administrator” to continue, as your install is outside of the protected space the installation will work just fine.

    You can also do this for the Productivity Booster. As my install was outside the protected file space I was able to run the install as an admin without having to log in as the admin.

    Finally you will get the benefits of not having to go into compatibility mode however some users may still get screwed up viewports. If this is the case then I recommend you use software mode driver for the time being until your card vendor comes out with a better solution.

    I am using a nVidia 7959 Ultra AGP card and it occasionaly has issues if I am using Direct3D mode whereby the viewports turn white or black. To resolve this I had to change to software mode however I found no loss in performance. You only loose some of the Direct3D effects but not really required for 3DS work.

    Hope this helps,


  43. well, in my vista computer, i had to check “run in compatibility” for windows NT or uncheck it but check “run as administrator”. Otherwise it won’t work. But it’s still make that glitches white light in it. And does everyone know what happen to it when “memory failed to initialize..” ?

  44. You are crazy?
    Thanks A LOT!!!!!

    Hello I have Windows VISTA Home Prem. & 3ds Max 9 didn’t work on it yesterday.. Thank you for all the instructions, now I can get it to WORK by right click on the short-cut & choose ‘Properties’. Then under the ‘Compatibility’ tab I check these boxes:
    1/ Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP
    2/ Disable Desktop composition (eliminate viewport error)
    3/ Run this program as an administrator
    That’s it. Hope everyone can get it to work 🙂

  45. installing the service pack 2 for 3ds max 9 has solved for me the problem of loading the application in vista 32 ultimate. google it and download it and install it. good luck

  46. aarrgghhh~!!! after doing:

    1/ Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP
    2/ Disable Desktop composition (eliminate viewport error)
    3/ Run this program as an administrator

    my recent work in 3ds max cannot be open. i dnt know… some error in opening… somebody who’s pro. please help. I NEED THIZ! ITS MA JOB!

  47. plzzz plzzzzz plzzzzz guys any help here i need the solution for tht fuckin problems in 3dmax in vista all my work and projects is stop cus i upgrade the new laptops and pcs wth vista so there any solve for tht brplm. thx

  48. Regarding the Viewport Mess-Up thingie when clicking through various viewports in 3DS Max 9 under Vista 64, try what i describe next: In 3DS Max 9 go to Customize->Preferences->Viewports->Configure Driver (For Direct3D 9 or above) and in the new window that appears check the “Redraw Scene on Window expose”. This forces Direct3D to clear the buffer and redraw the contents of the viewports thus the flashing is removed.

    Hope this helps.

  49. Got max 9 to work with vista business, but sfmgr.exe fails to work. It stops working for some reason. Just in case you don’t know sfmgr.exe is the file for brazil needed for the license. any help is much appreciated.

  50. im so happy .. i had days tryingto solve the compatibility issue and just got on this place and SOMEBODY HAS AN ANSWER… well is no victory yet .. my primary issue is that i dont have a licence is just a download because i dont have 500 box to get the program and i just got this new job and i have everithing needed for the position except by 3d max experience so im learning and im counting back days so he will not be valid on my pc ,, any idea?? also do you knoe if photoshop have compatibility???

  51. i was just on top of frustration i have this new computer that my boyfriend gave me so i will not use his.. but the laptop came with vista and i found that any of my design programs wont work exept by 3d max .. im happy to solve this but .. not sure if still with issues . i heard tried to open the file will not work?? is that true

  52. ive tried everything to get 3ds max 9 to work,
    ive downloaded the extension service pack 2 and all the other service packs before it and tried all all the following

    1/ Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP
    2/ Disable Desktop composition (eliminate viewport error)
    3/ Run this program as an administrator

    but still cannot get 3ds max 9 to run on vista?
    im ready for smashing my laptop up and and throwing it out of the window,

    any suggestions anyone, please

  53. im using windows vista too, windows vista home edition genuine copy……. but i got just a liitle problem with 3d max 9. one dll is not working. but it still okay. once i start 3d max 9, the message will appear looking for one dll that is not compatible. i just fired enter and it works. my computer….. pentium dual core 2, 2 gb ram upgradebalt to 4gb. 250 gb harddisk memory capacity.

  54. hi

    this may be something youve heard before but try right clicking on the 3ds max startup icon, selecting properties, then compatabilty, then select run as administrator, then select all users, then run as administrator again. then click apply and ok on both windows. then restart. then try running 3ds again, allow windows to open it as administrator and it may work, i tried this and it works with very little problems

    hope this helps you


  55. I have Windows Vista Ultimate and I have followed the steps to Disable the desktop thing and to enable compatibility mode but when I start it up some welcome screen comes up and FREEZES! Its all blank and I can’t click on anything. So I have to end the process and such… Please help me out.

  56. it works PERFECTLY!!!!! i have vista…all i did was to check “run this program as adminstrator” in properties and it opened!!!

  57. i cant change the compatibility settings before i install. if i do it after, it makes no difference. max 9 works fine on my parents computer with XP, using the same stuff as im using for my own. they live too far away to be using there comp. can anyone help???????

    cheers chris

  58. ok guys you’ve been a great help espacially red headed thanks’ i’ve read the whole thing i cant open my eyes now.
    though the view ports glitch where cleared. i have some problems with the compound objects. any way any other shitty stuff will appear cause i dont want to explode into my face

  59. I have Windows Vista Ultimate and I have followed the steps to Disable the desktop thing and to enable compatibility mode but when I start it up some welcome screen comes up and FREEZES! Its all blank and I can’t click on anything. So I have to end the process and such… Please help me out.

    I have the same problem and same OS as jagger 27. Please someone help us out!

  60. Good remarks about 3D max 9 although I did install the productivity booster (basically Service Pack 2 for max) and it seemed to work fine under Vista.
    I’m still encountering problems though, when the vertex and polygon count get high, there is a high risk of the program to crash AND corrupt the save file, so do be careful to do increment saves under different filenames.
    There are a lot of glitches still, especially when selecting edges and vertices as they do not highlight properly until you move in viewport.

    Im running a Q6600 quad with 2gigs of ram and an 8600GT (DX10) and im thinking of dual booting with XP only for max. Its a disappointment that such a fine OS like Vista has such problems with 3D max 🙁
    (I’m suspecting that DX10 might not fully support max)

  61. Novaoblivion was right, you can get 3dsmax 9 to run on Vista if you right click on the shortcut, click properties, go to the compatibility tab, and check disable desktop composition! It worked for me.
    Thanks Novaoblion

  62. Looking to buy a BOXX machine dual xeon 2.66
    8GB RAM and a Nvidia Quadro 3500.

    I’m running MAX 9 and Autocad 2006

    But I really don’t know what OSystem to install.
    XPpro 64bit or Vista 64bit

  63. Guys thanks very much for the great contribution to make 3 d max work on vista
    one more thing i would like to add
    before installing 3dmax 9 sp2 , right click on the setup of the sp2 and check the administrator box the same as for the max.exe
    thats what sorted out my problem , offcourse plus all the above mentioned tricks

  64. hmm, I just tried to set a viewport background, and it behaves just like it did when it turned black.. The viewport background goes crazy when I click on different viewports… Don’t know if 3ds max 9 have this problem, but the 2008 version does =

    I may not be able to check back for answers, at least not on this computer, cuz’ I’m throwing it into the wall right.. …NOW!

  65. its like cake and cake is good but too much cake is bad and sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of that cake in order to enjoy the other cake more and as much as i like vista cake i like 3ds max cake even more so it looks like my lovely vista cake in its shiny new quad core box will have to go and be replaced with the less pretty but more healthy xp cake but atleast then i will appreciate the 3dsmax cake they way it was meant to be .

  66. So I did what Amber said and I finally go the program to run yet it freezes as soon as the design window opens up…any ideas?

  67. this is what worked for me- i have an hp 530 with vista
    i first downloaded the trial version

    right click on the icon
    then check the following:

    1. run this program in compatibility mode for windows xp
    2. disable desktop composition
    3. run this program as an administrator

    i also installed the service pack 1

    hope this helps xxx

  68. I’m running 32-bit 3ds Max 9 on Vista 64-bit edition without problems. I am newbie to 3ds, so maybe something is not working properly but I have installed it and run it (almost) normally.

    3ds max is running without any patches and in about box it says “Release: 9.0”

    But, the only goal and a problem is displaying the viewports, and when it is set to Directx 9 then I have to check to disable Aero in the software compatibility tab otherwise every middle-mouse click in the viewport results in a flick of white screen 🙂

  69. yeah, 3ds9 runs on vista with the compatibility changed. It doesnt work on Aero thats why. Vista will automatically take aero off if youve got all the compatibility settings right

  70. well! it runs in compatibility mode only when you are logged in as administrator. if you r not an administrator then you should click on “show settings for all users”, and the set the compatibility mode of xp sp2.

    It’ll surely work as mine is….

  71. I have just loaded 3D Max 9 onto my laptop ( I have Windows Vista 32bit) and it all loads up fine, but when I click to open the program it just crashes at the start screen! Argh… what to do?! Does anyone know how to solve this? as it is driving me crazy! Thanks 🙂

  72. Just one more point
    1st you have to download and install Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Service Pack 2 from the following site:

    Right click on autodesk 3dsmax 9 32bit
    clicked on properties
    clicked on compatability tab and click on run this program in compatability mode for windows sp2
    Disabled desktop desktop compossition
    Finally, run this program as an administrator

    it is perfectly working

  73. I just bought a new computer with Vista, and went to install 3ds Max 9. It installed fine, but when I double clicked the icon, it gives me the same error message. I tried right clicking on the icon and checking the appropriate boxes under compatability, but it still gives me the error message. I then tried installing 3dsMax9 sp2 from Autodesk, it gets about 99% done, and then gives me an error message saying I don’t have adequate privilleges, even though I’m on an admin account. Is there anything else I can try?

  74. The sfmgr.exe is a 16 bit application which acts as a license manager for Splutterfish Brazil Rs. It should work under vista 32 but will not work on Vista 64 as 64 bit OSs wont run 16 bit apps. I believe splutterfish have released a compatible license manager with Brazil Rs 2

  75. I just installed it on my gateway FX computer, and after checking the run as administrator button, it worked fine for me. I thought vista was going to be a complete pain, but ive basically found a way around every problem so far. Anyways, Thanks for the help guys ^^

  76. 3ds Max 9, 32 bit
    Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit

    I’ve installed 3ds max 9 on my vista pc..
    i had a problem, when i moved a window in 3ds max all the wwindows went crazy..

    Because of Novablivions guide it doen’t do that anymore.. Thanks so Much !!!

    (You can get it to run on Vista if you right click on the shortcut, click properties, go to the compatibility tab, and check disable desktop composition!)

  77. I gotta say, this entire page was a big help.
    I’m proud of you people ^.^
    Not only did this get 3D Studio Max 9 to work, but it’s convinced me that Windows Vista can really work out if you understand it. I think the Compatability-switching technique will also work for possible future problems on other programs.

    Yay, Indeed. =P

  78. i have tryed this and it doesnt work.
    if anyone knows how i can install max on vista.please email me…..

    i just want to get on with my animating


  79. When I right-click on MAX’s icon in Vista 64x I cannot access the options to run in compatability mode are grayed-out. How do I turn these option on? Is there something I’m missing. I’m a Lightwave 3D user, that works great with Vista 64x, now I want to try out max, but problem after problem.

  80. can anyone help me.i cant install 3ds max 9,it says cant install 3ds max 9 monitor.exe is running. plssss help i just bought my a new pc and have a windows vista and i it seems my pc is useless because cant install the software.

  81. looking at the date the problem was posted made me feel late.However,i’d still like to know if anyone got any idea about making 3Ds studio max work on Vista home premium.i got a new TOSHIBA P300-133 and it coasted me all my fortune since im still student. about 1770 $.Yes its painfull when u buy such a notebook for rendering and modeling and thats why i hate Microsoft Corporation now .i’ll try to give it back since it doesnt help me. unless if someone tells me what to do.
    best regards

  82. I’ve got to say that all of this page really really help me much…!
    I have the same problem and accidentally found this page.
    Scrolling down and read the post one by one…
    and voila…
    It’s works!
    Thanks to all of you people..
    You guys are really helpful..

  83. Worked on my Vista. Just set the properties as explained above (Compatibility, Win XP sp2, Desktop composition) . Thanks.

  84. Sollution for those who are crashing on the wellcome screen: just download 3DS MAX SEVICE PACK 2 and everything works just fine ;D

    Wellcome screen crashes when trying to run with compactible, desktop and admin checks but without SP2.

  85. This application has failed to start because d3dx9_26.dll was not found……………… FAWK! max 9 cant open directX 10? hmmm… is it safe to install direct X9 in vista?

  86. 딸국질은 횡경막의 경련에 의해서 일어 나는 것으로 쇼크를

    준다거나 잠시 호흡을 멈추면 낫는다.

    하지만 경우에 따라정신적 부담감으로 빨리 멎지 않을 때가 있다.

    멈추게 하는제일 좋은 방법은 심호흡을 한 뒤 견딜 수 있는데까지

    숨을 쉬지 않는 것이다.

    또는 숨을 멈춘채 찬물을 조금씩 마셔도효과가 있다.

    그래도 가라 앉지 않으면 조용히 숨을 내쉬면

    서 아랫배를 들이밀거나 때때로 배에 힘을 가득 준 뒤 호흡

    을 멈추는 복식호흡도 좋다.


  87. I right clicked on the 3ds Max 9 icon and then the compatability tab but it is not allowing me to check any boxes except the run program as administrator box. How are you all able to check your boxes? Thanks

  88. I’m running Max 9 on vista fine thanks to Novaoblivion posted on – March 11, 2007.

    This is what i did.
    Right click on autodesk 3dsmax 9 32bit
    clicked on properties
    clicked on compatability tab and click on run this program in compatability mode for windows sp2
    Disabled desktop desktop compossition
    Finally i checked run this program as an administrator

    it really works!!!!

  89. Can anyone help me with thumbnails not showing on windows vista? 3ds max thumbnails doesn’t show at all after installing 3ds max 9 SP2 on my Vista Home Premium laptop.

  90. First of all id like to say that if anyone has a problem, in stead of saying,”how can i get mi max9 to work on vista” try reading all posts before posting your question.

    Secondly, i noticed that not all computers are the same or the “working method” some people have posted works for everyone.

    For example, i have vista home premium, and the most common working option of check the winxp sp2,the desktop composition and the run as administrator, doesnt work for me and i cant check the work as administrator. So i tried another option, which worked…

    I went to control panel/users accounts and child protection/user accounts/activate or desactivate the control of users accounts and desactived the (UAC). Then I tried installing max9 32bit and it went trough the whole installation,after it was completed, i installed the sp2 for 32bit from the autodesk webpage, and now it works FINE, no dll errors or anything.

    There is only ONE inconvinient i found up to now, and it’s the mouse buttons dont work properly (still searching ways to fix this).

    Anyway, i hope that this will help people to get their program working.

  91. you stupid assholes you pieces of shit didn’t any one of you heard about 3d max 9 service pack 2 for vista

    you are really stupid Americans Chinese Japanese Europe stupids sons of donkeys

    you must be Jewish to be smart motherfuckers

  92. i have problem in running max 9 32 bit in vista. Everytime i run the program i enter into an error no 998 for administration. If anybody could give any suggestions.

  93. ● 볼펜자국은 물파스로 지운다.
    볼펜자국 위에 물파스를 가볍게 두드리면 바로 지워지고,
    또 알콜 적신 거즈로 얼룩진 부분을 두드리듯 닦아내도 말끔하게 지워진다.

    ● 커피 홍차 사이다 주스 얼룩
    커피와 홍차는 당분이 포함되지 않은 탄산수를 거즈에 묻혀 두드리고,
    사이다와 주스는 얼룩이 진 즉시 묽은 소금물에 거즈를 적셔 두드린다.

    ● 버터의 얼룩
    비눗물로 닦아낸 다음, 기름기가 남아 있는 부분을 벤젠으로 두드리듯이 닦아낸다.

    ● 계란의 얼룩
    알콜을 흠뻑 적신 거즈로 두드리듯이 닦아낸 다음 비눗물로 닦아낸다.


  94. Hi ya,read most of the above posts but no one seems to have the same problem with me.Installed 3dmax9 on vista business(don`t ask why i run on vista) and it seems to work fine,but i cannot load the sp1 or sp2 packages.When i try a pop up says that a patch is missing or that the upgrade is for a different programme which it`s not?

    Any clues?I really need this to work so that i can then install Vray…


  95. 냉장고는 한번 설치하면 계속 사용하기 때문에 전력소모율이 매우 높다.

    한 가정의 한 달 전기요금 중 냉장고가 4분의 1을 차지한다는 통계도 있다.

    냉장고는 자주 여닫을수록, 보관하는 음식물이 많을수록 전력소모량이 많다.

    냉장고에는 음식물을 60%가량 채우는 것이 적당하다.

    방열기에먼지가 끼면 효율이 떨어지므로 자주 청소해야 전력소모를 줄일 수 있다.

    출처:다음카페 생활의지혜!

  96. r2d2 on April 28 posted a link to a plugin for Max9 that enables Max to work with both 32-bit and 64-bit Vista. Sounds good! Has anyone had major problems?

  97. 3dsm used to work without problem on my vista, then suddenly it stopped working…. strange.

    And before you ask i didn’t change anything. No components or anything.

  98. thanks 2 all of u guys….
    today i instaled max 9 on vista and had problem…
    bt now it is working fine wid those compatibility changes…. thanks a lot… 🙂

  99. I have tried all the above solutions above but I keep getting a message saying

    (cannot find File:///c:%5cprogram%20 files%5cautodesk%5c3ds%20max%209%5cwebdepot%5c’.)

    Then it goes on to say

    (make sure the path or internet address is correct. Can anyone please help me?

  100. Thanks guys i have manage to get it working, but now my Pan veiw and arc rotate with middle mouse button does not seem to work. Does anyone have a solution for this?

  101. 3Ds Max 9 32bit Works like a charm on my Vista OS…Had a problem running it, changed the Properties and works just fine..Thanks guuys

  102. My Max don’t work on Vista with all instructions and SP2 for Max asking me that I’m admin, but I’m admin on Vista now, SP2 can’t instal properly!

    And with out SP2 stops on welcome screen…

    What’s a problem

    on xp all is ok.

  103. Here is the problem :

    -I ve checked the net before but no real solutions –

    I ve downloaded the free demo of Autodesk 3dsmax 9 and tried to install it on the pc. ( VISTA 32 , intel inside – core 2 2.13 ghz, 2 gigs ram, geforce 8600 GT )
    I ve updated the graphic card drivers ( but when I m trying to launch 3DS it says that ” 3DS Max application has stopped working ” and>>> it gets closed……

  104. i just got my core 2 quad 2.4 with vista home premium pc becoz i want to have the 3ds max but when i tried to open it after installing but there was a mssgs that my license expired how come its my first time to open, it works on my laptop with xp… anyway ill try what other does …
    hope it will works on me…. wait for the next issue guys more power…

  105. hey guys my 3ds max 2008 doesnt work with vista i follow what you guys did but it wont work i got same mssgs. is ther any patch for 3ds max 2008 avialable?

    any help thnx…!

  106. thanks Novaoblivion, that was the answer!

    turn off the desktop composition. it takes a lot of memory and crashes the system

  107. wow…. for the solution for runnin 3d max on vista iz .. thanks a lot guys.

    one little problemmo tho… when 3d max9 starts it gives an error. ‘DLL failed to initialize. Error code: 998 – Invalid access to memory location’

    so any solutions???

  108. 3dsmax9 64-bit on vista(service pack1)64bit,

    1. install 3dsmax9 64bit
    2. and on desktop short cut right click on the icon “Autodesk 3ds Max 9 64-bit”
    3. goto properties
    4. goto compatibility tab
    5. then check “Disable disktop composition”
    6. Click “OK”
    6. and on desktop short cut again, right click on the icon “Autodesk 3ds Max 9 64-bit” then select “Run as an administrator”.
    7. Enjoy!

  109. i’ve got vista home basic on my laptop, initially 3d max didnt work.

    The solution is:
    1. right click the 3d max shortcut.
    2. click compatibility tab.
    3. disable visual themes,
    disable desktop composition,
    run this program as an administrator,
    click all of them and enable them.
    4. run 3d max, it will load and execute.

  110. I work normaly with 3DSMax 9 SP2 on Vista,but the problem is when I adjust a large resolution in the Rendering proces. it start working normaly,but after 5 minutes Max dissapere from my screen and then I have to restart all the process again.
    Help me,please!

  111. I could run the 3ds Max on vista (even my vista is a starter edition) by downloaded the “3ds Max 9 32 Bit SP2”. This patches the problm and it can run well in Vista.

    Check out the Autodesk download area.

  112. Hey, anyone tried Max 8 or 9 on Windows 7? Running Xp now and refused to go to Vista. They say Windows 7 is better than vista. So I may just give it a try. IF Max will work on it.

  113. I was able to get mine to work fine on Vista,
    right click the app and click Properties and then click the Compatability Tab: You’ll need to check three boxes, those are Run This program in compatibility mode for (have Windows XP (service pack 2) selected). Next check Disable desktop composition in the Settings area and lastly check Run this program as an administator

  114. I got a new dell laptop, with windows vista few days back, and i tried to install 3ds max 9, i am not able to . I am getting 0xc0150004 error code. I have tired to change all the options in the properties, installed 3ds max service pack 2, and also extendability booster for max 9. Still the same error continues. Does anyone have a solution for this.

  115. i having same prob “3d max application stopped working” for 3d max 2009 in window 7. i have try all the solution that have state, yet still having same problem.
    when i try switching to other user for login to window, 3d max can runs well. anyone can help me fix this. urgent! thanks a lot..

  116. Hi everyone,
    I usually model in AutoCad by using thicknesses and then FILE-LINK it to 3d studio max but now I get this:

    Product Desc: WipeOut Dbx Application
    Company: Autodesk, Inc.
    WEB Address:


    ObjectDBX Classes

    Any suggestions as to what I can do to help the problem? When I do this all the faces are not visible and they don’t render as solid shapes. When I try to import the file to 3d Max it works a bit better but still not the same as it used to….

    I have windows vista, autocad 2009, and 3d max 8 & 2011 32 bit

    thanks so much!!

  117. HI

    shahidfurqan2003 at yaho dot com

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