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Anti-Depressants Make One More Likely to ATTEMPT Suicide, but not COMMIT suicide!?

This is garbage!!

Once again, MSN out-does itself for pharmaceutical-supported, paid advertising in the guise of a technical “article” on the subject of anti-depressants.  OK – how about this glorious quote:

“A study from Finland adds a new twist to the argument that certain antidepressants raise users’ suicide risk.

researchers found that while drugs called selective serotonin reuptake
inhibitors (SSRIs) — which include Celexa, Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft —
do increase the risk of suicide attempts, they actually lessened
patients’ risk of dying by suicide.

One expert agreed that there is a big difference between attempted suicide and actual suicide.”

Okay — so now they are admitting that anti-depressents make you want to crawl out of your skin and try to commit suicide, but people who do so are mostly unsuccessful?

The whole article is here.

Once again – I have much less a problem of a pharmaceutical giant spewing forth marketing copy in a bald-faced-lying advertisement, than I do with an article purporting to be a normal scientific article, just continuing to make illogical claims to lull people into taking medication for something that will make them into a drug addict.

If you think I over-react, perhaps you haven’t seen the thorough documentation I have, and you need a Psychiatry: An Industry of Death DVD.  

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2 thoughts on “Anti-Depressants Make One More Likely to ATTEMPT Suicide, but not COMMIT suicide!?”

  1. In reading the article, it’s also interesting that they claim that the people who are successful at killing themselves are older men who blow their brains out or hang themselves; but that those who take antidepressants are usually younger and more likely to be female and are less likely to actually kill themselves, just try.

    Might I offer the explanation that pharmaceutical marketing is targeted at (often younger or middle-aged) women (who are generally more health conscious, etc.) – you only have to open a fashion magazine to see that – and so they get more of them onto their drugs. And that a young women might be just simply less efficient at knocking herself off than some grizzled old man.

    Or the more revealing thing – why would they bother with such a dumb-a__ argument anyway?

  2. They make no sense. But they get away with that daily due to all the drug-addled minds out there who cannot think logically anyway. I guess they are trying to get the black box suicide warning removed. Do they think that maybe the suicide attempts will be stupid or something, less effective? They need to get with the program. If you don’t attempt suicide at all you are less likely to die from suicide than if you do. DUH

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