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October 15, 2007 2 By Tad Reeves

A Scientologist blogger friend of mine just reminded me of Blog Action Day, where everyone’s going to bring up the same thing at the same time on their blogs.  Well, anyone who knows the ARC triangle will know that one will communicate about things that are most real to them, and what’s most real to me – in terms of Environmental catastrophes in the making that have impacted me personally – is the complete denuding of our country’s forests. 

When I first moved to Oregon, I was absolutely astounded by (a) the sheer beauty of the tall, evergreen forests, and (b) the audacity that some paper companies have to just completely denude a just whole square miles of forestland. 

I know that there are responsible ways to do this, but one that impacted me quite personally was a scene very close to the Flickr photo above of Willamina, Oregon.  About  3 square miles of land there I had as basically my own personal mountain-biking country, where I had personally made all sorts of great singletracking trails through the beautiful wilderness.  Then, one day, the trucks arrived, and within about 3 days the entire area was flattened and not a single trace was left of the forest I had spent years carving through on my bike. 

I know that selective cutting is probably a billion times more expensive, but seriously. 

That’s one reason I spend my life promoting on the Internet – to save a few singletracking trails.

To further make the point, check out Safeguard and Improve your Environment on The Way to Happiness’s site.

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