Catastrophic Thermonuclear Meltdown at

November 4, 2006 0 By Tad Reeves

Shadows is Having ProblemsAs many of you know from my other posts, I’m a fan of Social Bookmarking services a nifty way to share links, promote sites, and generally use these new media as a means of better categorizing items on the Internet and making things easier to find.

However, one of my favourite services,, seems to have suffered from CSMS (catastrophic server meltdown syndrome), which has GCRED (gigantic confusing random exception disorder) as one of its first symptoms.

Over the past 2 days, going to the home page or any sub-page of has resulted in only a big, gnarly exception all over my screen, and not too much useful content.  It’s not my user account (as from my Fedora Core 6 box and my Windows box it’s all the same) so I’m guessing there are some machines there with flames blasting out the back of the power supplies.

Unfortunate, because I really like Shadows.  I find it’s a neat place to post things and organize things.  I put all of my favourite news stories there, with little notes on what I liked in them, cross linked to other various topics.  Hopefully somebody else also finds this useful, as that’s the whole purpose of human-indexed content — that someone has typed in some keywords that have to do with a page, and as a result you search for something and get relevant results as opposed to some other crazy thing that doesn’t have to do with what you’re searching.

I guess I’ll use something else like my Kaboodle page on Scientology or something of the sort in the interim.  Anyone else have any light they can shed on the matter?