Dell Offers First AMD-Based Desktop PC

Dell Offers First AMD-Based Desktop PC

September 28, 2006 0 By Tad Reeves

Now, as a long-time AMD fan, this is something I have been waiting for for a very long time.

I would have thought that with the compelling nature of the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, that Dell would have abandoned their AMD ambitions and just stuck to Intel, but how about these new Dimension desktops?

Check out the above URL – it gives a 3D tour of their Dimension E521, a garden-variety, run of the mill PC with anything up to an Athlon64 x2 processor.  Slap a decent graphics card into it, and some RAM and that would be a pretty jammin’ little Linux workstation.  Would beat the pants off of the old P4 Xeon Dell Precsion I’m rendering this WordPress post on, for sure.

Does an AMD processor in the desktop make you any more likely to buy it?  I’m curious what others think on this one, as I’ve for a long time applauded the underdog engineers at AMD who with less monetary resources, for years, have kept Intel on the run.  The fact of Intel having the smoking Core 2 right now is a product of the hard-core engineers at AMD turning out superior processor after superior processor.

Thoughts anyone?