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December 13, 2006 0 By Tad Reeves


I know for a fact that a large number of people who read this blog are tech types, based on the fact of my recent post on the new Xeon 7100 series processor vs. dual-core AMD Opterons was my top article for some time.  However, I also know from working in the field that people do actually care, and that if they know they can do something to help — they will. 

There are some people that will absolutely get off their duffs and go out and help people.  I know personally of two people that were working regular old jobs somewhere in the U.S. (one in Los Angeles, the other way out in Battle Creek, Michigan) who – when the Tsunami hit Indonesia in December 2004, just got right up and flew out there to assist the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

I know a number of other people who donated money as well, to keep people out there — because there’s not much money to be made volunteering to drag villagers out of the mud, repair their fishing boats, and get them back on their feet again.  It may not pay well, but it has got to be the most fully remunerative activity imaginable. 

That said, anyone can help that motion simply by getting people to contact relief organizations that are doing something about it and who are hooked up and involved.  I happen to work very closely with Scientology Volunteer ministers, and know that they were honored by the Thai and Indonesian government after the last handled disaster there.

So, even if it’s merely a simple click to contact the Scientology Volunteer Minister Coordinator to see what you can do, that’s a whole lot more than most of the rest of the 1 billion folks on the Internet are doing to help.

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