Environmental Friendliness, Electric Cars and Conspiracy Theories

September 7, 2007 0 By Tad Reeves

Sorry, guys, but I have an immense backlog.

This is despite the fact of my having more to talk about these days than I have ever had in the past. I think it works out that way sometimes though — especially for me.  Whenever I have the most going on, and the most cool stuff to talk about, I have the least time.  Go figure.

So, I’ll touch on a few things.

The GM Impact, the first mass-produced electric car in the modern era, which was summarily killed by GM, spawning all manner of conspiracy theories.

First, you have to remind me to write on, and finish my train of thought on Green Business, electric cars and conspiracy theory regarding such.  I’ve seen a plethora of articles lately on the new “green business” and how all of the sudden there’s business in being environmentally friendly.

However, if you know the first thing about L. Ron Hubbard‘s investigatory technology, there’s a ton more than meets the eye on this.  I.e., if we’ve had electric cars since 1910, why is it that they are still commercially unviable and have been repeatedly nuked off the market?  Why is it that the best hybrid car, with an immense amount of technology built into it, is only capable of a measly 60mpg?   What in the hell happened to the GM Impact?  (REALLY)

Anyhow – that’s a backlogged blog post that I’ve been meaning to do for some time.  So, somebody remind me of this.

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