Fighting Poverty via Education

October 15, 2008 1 By Tad Reeves

It’s unfortunate that on Blog Action Day, I end up with little to no time to pound out a good blog post.  I’m a busy boy today.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in India

Fighting Poverty va Education: Scientology Volunteer Ministers in India

I did happen to throw something on one of my other blogs, though, on the Personnel Efficiency Course originally developed by LRH in Dublin, Ireland, and how the technology of study, of communication, and the other technologies covered in the book, “The Problems of Work” can totally hit at the core for why poverty exists in the first place.

Don’t take this as anyone else’s opinion but my own, but it’s been my observation that at the core of situations of extreme poverty, is the basic educational level and organizational skill of the individual that is the determining factor of an area being in poverty or not.  Yes, there is the government — that is of course a factor. Yes, a suppressive government can cause big problems.  But if the individual’s educational level is low, if he himself does not know how to get himself educated and productive, you’re going to have problems, as poverty itself is only an index of one’s abilty or inability to produce products that can be exchanged.

And best of all, in my view, this can indeed be addressed.  That’s why I was stressing so hard the importance of these new free on-line Scientology courses, as anyone can now just pick it up and himself learn how to get effective and productive.

And that, I think, is a much better long-term solution to poverty than just a few more tons of rice or water brought to a needy village.  Remember the old saying about teaching a man to fish?