German iPod-like Anti-Drug Campaign

January 1, 2007 1 By Tad Reeves

I’m not sure if this is actually working, in terms of reducing drug use, but it sure is a good concept.

The iPod shadow dancers have some nasty habits these days. One of them’s even shooting heroin, as you can see. It’s all part of a guerilla campaign for Berlin Suchthilfe (which translates as “Berlin Addiction Help.”

colorful posters show shadow-dancers pill-popping, drinking and
smoking, all with the tagline “Nicht alle drogen sind so harmlos wie
musik,” which means “Not all drugs are so harmless as music.” I just
like that it implies that some are. You can see the rest of the ads at
the link above.

Now, whilst the above anti-drug ads are definitely colorful and eye-catching, I don’t know how effective they’ll be.  The most effective anti-drug messages I’ve seen as yet are ones that actually educate people on the harmful effects of drugs.  Not PR.  People are smart, and if they know what drugs do, they won’t do them.  This is the essence of the whole Scientology anti-drug campaign, which one can see at

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