Google +1 Button Doesn’t Get You Crawled

June 2, 2011 0 By Tad Reeves

I was doing some testing this morning with the new Google +1 button.   One of my first tests was to see if Google immediately did anything with a +1 vote, and oddly, the answer is no.

As a test, I used my forum on the Scientology Parent site.  I already know that when I make a new forum post, nobody spiders the article until I do something to make the article get seen.

I then pressed a +1 button that I just added to the article.   No effect at all.

I then posted the article to Twitter via a link.  Not surprisingly, that immediately resulted in no less than 13 different bots crawling the article before the first real user hit it.  Only then did Google’s spider crawl the link.

Curious.  Just a note.  I know they say that you don’t get crawled any faster with the +1 button, but just wanted to check.