Gun Control is not the Issue – It’s Anti-Depressants

April 18, 2007 1 By Tad Reeves

I just commented on a post I saw on The Good Democrat, regarding Cho Seung-Hui.  A ton of comments on this post centered around the whole gun-control issue, which honestly could not be further from the point in this case.

Gun control honestly isn’t the problem which, if addressed, would open the door to a handling (known in investigation circles as a “Wrong Why”) – just as much as curbing people’s ability to buy cars would stop them from being involved in a car accident. 

A few things are at hand right now, though:

a) There are some extremely distraught, grieving people there in Blacksburg who need some help.  There are simple things that anyone can do which can help in situations such as this, outlined on the Volunteer Ministers website.   Most people would like to comment and spectate on things like this, but there’s honestly things that the average person can do which will help.  Don’t know if you’ve ever had anyone shot or killed around you, but it tends to make one very disturbed and  upset.  You can help with this. 

b) Cho Seung-Hui was on psychiatric drugs.  Every other school shooting incident to date involved a kid who had been put on psychiatric drugs and then wigged out.  See the facts on the kids involved here  – it’s fully documented. 
Now, reason I bring up (b) is that psychiatrists are there on the ground right now, trying to give people antidepressants to calm them down, right after a drugged madman shot up the school.  It is going to do nothing for the grief these people are feeling right now, and will instead drug them and make them potential candidates for the next mishap.  Drugs are NOT the answer.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers - A Global ForceSo, if you know anyone at VT – make sure they stay off drugs, and use something more conventional – like a good friend, so as to get through this and then get back to life.

There are Salvation Army and Volunteer Ministers on the ground right now, and they need help, and they will give help.  So whichever boat you’re in, you can contact them.