How to Download the JDK for AEM Directly from Adobe

How to Download the JDK for AEM Directly from Adobe

July 12, 2019 0 By Tad Reeves

As was broadly announced for the first time at this year’s Adobe Summit, now that Oracle is charging for JDK updates, Adobe managed to strike a deal with Oracle to allow AEM licensees to be able to get the Java Development Kit directly from Adobe at no additional charge, and without having to work out separate license details with Oracle.

Now – the process itself for downloading the JDK isn’t well documented on the site, so I figured I’d post something real quick what I’ve found.

Where to go for the JDK Download

In short, right now you’ll need to open up a DayCare ticket, and request access to the JDK download, and your support rep will provide it to you.

Per Bertrand de Coatpont, who is in charge of product management on the AEM Core product:

Hello, please file a DayCare ticket and the support organization will download the update and make it available to you. We still intend to push these updates to PackageShare eventually, but the current version is not able to accommodate the load/volume, therefore we are working on a new version (live this coming summer).

So, for now, go to DayCare and open a ticket and they’ll get it to you, but later you should be able to get it directly from when they’ve finished their upgrades to it.

Other Questions & Answers about Adobe’s JDK Support

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