Ian White from Neustar – Performance Optimization & Build Process

Ian White from Neustar – Performance Optimization & Build Process

June 25, 2012 0 By Tad Reeves

Ian White from Neustar gave a talk on Dev, Prod & Developer environments & how to organize around the goal of making web performance better without making the development lifecycle suck.

Some notes:

  • Web optimization
    • Organize CSS&JS
    • Multiple Domains
    • Gzip compression
    • Resource caching
    • Far-future expiry
    • Minification
    • Image optimization (not a lot of automated tools out there)
    • CSS spriting
  • CI tools should take care of optimization, but if you put it on a different machine, they can’t test their optimizations
  • Use mod_pagespeed
    • Really good for server-generated content
    • Take look at HTML being sent from the server and then does a whole ton of optimizations on that.  Handles multiple domains behind load balancers.
    • Works great on WordPress & other such stuff.  Not so good with Client-side stuff
  • Making dev & ops work well together:
    • parameterize environments
    • Make it so when a dev changes something, it changes all environments or can affect all environments
  • For static resources:
    • Try nginx or lighttpd
    • Simple / fast / low overhead / gzip & caching
    • Have it go in front of Apache & reverse-proxy back for some or go direct to files for others
Performance Benefits Implementing Nginx

Performance Benefits Implementing Nginx

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