Let’s Talk at Adobe Summit about AEM, Cloud vs Self-Host, Monitoring, Deployments and China!

Let’s Talk at Adobe Summit about AEM, Cloud vs Self-Host, Monitoring, Deployments and China!

March 5, 2022 0 By Tad Reeves

Adobe Summit (March 15-17, 2022) is rapidly approaching! Given that one of the most valuable parts of any conference is the INTERACTION with other Adobe employees, partners, implementers and customers, it’s fabulous that Adobe has their Braindate format to rub elbows with folks on topics of your choice. And it’s FREE!

This year, I’m going to be hosting a few different topics that I’m quite passionate about, and would love to both shop-talk with other folks with more expertise, but also would love even more to bring folks up to speed if you’re new to Adobe Experience Manager and the Adobe space.

If any of these topics interest you, please join on in!

NOTE: all it takes to join any of these Braindates is to register for Adobe Summit, which is FREE this year.

Running AEM in China: Is Cloud an Option?

China is a super-complex subject when it comes to hosting, and even more complex when it comes to implementing something like an interconnected cloud service. What are your options? Join this session here.

Monitoring & Alerting for AEM as a Cloud Service and Adobe Commerce

AEM as a Cloud Service is a new landscape when it comes to alerting, monitoring and log aggregation. Let’s discuss what options you have, the best ways to roll them out, and what gaps still exist. Join this session here.

Is there still a case for self-hosted AEM?

Is there indeed? Should all AEM environments be in the Cloud Service or hosted by Adobe Managed Services? Are there cases still where it makes sense to have a partner run your AEM, or to run your AEM in-house? Join this session here.

Speeding up AEM as a Cloud Service Deployments

New tools have been released this year to speed up Cloud Service Deployments, with more on the way. Join this session here.