Podcast: How to Choose a Digital Experience Platform

Podcast: How to Choose a Digital Experience Platform

February 19, 2023 0 By Tad Reeves

My newest enterprise is a podcast on AEM and Marketing Technology that I am doing with Arbory Digital. I’ve cut videos before, but never podcasts – so this is new territory for me! The opening episode is a talk with veteran AEM Architect Raf Winterpacht of Perficient on the subject of choosing a Digital Experience Platform.

First off – we’re 100% not selling anything or even pitching a single product on this podcast. It’s the bigger subject of all the thousand questions you need to be asking yourself, and all the countless areas of the business you’re going to need to research in order to figure out (a) if you’re even on the right platform already, and (b) if you want something more modern, what should you get?

It’s on Youtube and Spotify for the time being.

Hotlinks to some key moments in the discussion:

  • 0:00 – How to choose a DXP – introductions
  • 2:54 – Goals for the Discussion
  • 5:41 – Requirements baggage from legacy CMS systems
  • 6:30 – Do you need a diesel pickup truck or an e-bike?
  • 8:36 – What is a DXP and how is it different from a CMS?
  • 17:00 – You can’t just “drop in” a new CMS or Digital Experience Platform
  • 22:10 – Staffing Considerations and building for the long haul
  • 26:08 – Going fully-headless
  • 30:30 – Asset Management – how much “smarts” do you need in your DAM?
  • 34:10 – Story time: Asset Issues in China
  • 36:37 – AI Smarts in your DXP – how much of that AI is useful?
  • 43:24 – Automating Asset Workflows – even Photoshop
  • 47:50 – Evaluating enterprise integrations when considering a new DXP
  • 52:54 – Infrastructure, VPN and data residency concerns
  • 59:10 – Wrapping Up

And here’s the Spotify version:

And this is just our first episode! We’ve got a number of other episodes in the works on the subjects of Adobe Experience Manager, DevOps on your Marketing Stack, whether or not everything should be headless, and much much more!