Psychiatry, Big Pharma and Scientology

November 18, 2006 3 By Tad Reeves

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Thanks guys!

I posted an article or two the day before yesterday, just quoting a bit of text from the CCHR website, detailing how CBS is basically in the pocket of Big Pharma, and drug companies have been lining CBS’s pockets to the tune of over $600 Million.

Seems as though that’s a popular subject, as I’ve gotten all manner of comments on such – some people with nice things to say, others without nice things to say. That’s fine. On the positive end, all of the discussions and ruckus ended up putting about 20x more traffic on my blog over the last 2 days than I usually get. So, thanks!

Personally, it’s not all too veiled what I think about drug companies and their motives. I honestly have no problem with someone wanting to make money, as valid exchange for what they’re producing. However, claiming that one has a “cure” for something, or at least claiming to have an authoritative, scientifically-proven backing for something when none exists — now, that’s not the same thing at all.

Now, if Eli Lilly and Ciba were merely selling Skittles or M&M’s and calling it the handling for your poor math scores, that would be just dishonest — but I would’t totally have a cause for outrage on it.

However, selling drugs at mega-profit, whilst knowing that they actually cause terrible effects like school shootings and such, whilst using the media to crush religious groups who might try to point out their behaviour — that’s something entirely different. That’s something where one would want to actually, really get down and find all the facts on who precisely is doing this and ensure that was in the open.

And that, in itself, would be my only suggestion to those who might comment on a blog post like this. Make sure you’re actually, really, informed about what psychiatric drugs do, what their actual purpose is, and the lack of hard science behind them. If you haven’t watched the documentary on psychiatry available at the CCHR website, you honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.

Likewise, if you want to know what Scientology has to say about all this, and why Scientologists don’t like people getting drugged to the point of death/suicide/etc, well, you should go to your nearest Scientology Organization and find that out for yourself.

But in any case, let the Digg posts roll — as long as we’re talking facts and not “I heard it from somebody on a website once” type stuff, it’s fair game.