Scientology handles Multi-Language Magazine Publishing with new Flash Interface

March 3, 2007 1 By Tad Reeves

If you’re the Church of Scientology, you’ve got a problem that many other more localised organizations don’t have: languages.

The various entities within the Church of Scientology have recently solved this with a flash-based magazine publishing system, that takes magazines and such and puts them in a nifty flash-based interface, with page-flipping animation, etc. It’s got built-in zooming features, web links, and has locale stuff built into it as well, so you can switch languages.

As an example, here is a catalog of Scientology publisher Bridge Publications flash-based holiday catalog:

This is the Japanese Scientology materials catalog, showing some of the page-flipping animation.

For another flavor, here’s the same Scientology catalog, but in Russian:

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Bridge Publications’ Holiday catalog, done in an innovative flip format, in RussianPrior to this whole setup, they had to use some other software-based page-flipping component, but this cut out Mac users, and linux users (LIKE ME!! Argh!). So, this change of theirs to a Flash-based component is a welcome change — especially now that Flash 9 is out for Linux!

The icing on the cake for me is Impact Magazine, which is the publication of the International Association of Scientologists. Unfortunately, this is a member’s only issue, so I’m only going to show the cover:

_decorate(_ge(‘photo_notes’), _ge(‘photoImgDiv408258598’), 408258598, ‘’, ‘1.6’); The magazine is pretty kickass though, and is worth being an IAS member, just to get the magazine.

Anyhow – just one more nifty item I figured I would show off that makes me proud to be a Scientologist. Have a look!


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