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Scientology in Second Life?

I love how “unsubstatiated rumors” can all of the sudden turn into front-page news.  Like this one:

Church of Scientology in Second Life

Despite speculation to the contrary, there is so far no evidence that
the Church of Scientology plans to establish a huge presence in virtual
world Second Life. No secret deals for vast tracts of First Land have
been revealed either by the Church or Second Life purveyor Linden Lab.
Reports of a massive outreach initiative, involving dozens and
eventually hundreds of customized avatars controlled in shifts by
Church personnel and sent on conversion missions throughout Second
Life, are also unconfirmed. The technology to translate a Scientologist
into a
device that can function virtually between two avatars has also not yet
been perfected. Certainly, insinuations that the Church of Scientology
might have some influence over the inception, implementation, or future
of Second Life are, to date, unsubstantiated.


The question is, who is “speculation to the contrary”?  Most likely the author of the story. 

Anyhow, it’s only about the 500th such unsubstatiated front-page rumor I’ve found in Google news search or Google blog search recently.  Tiresome, it is.

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