Scientology Volunteer Ministers Needed – Typhoon Durian

December 4, 2006 2 By Tad Reeves


Typhoon Durian hits the Philippines on Yahoo! News Photos

The Red Cross has already recorded a death toll of at least 406,
with 398 others missing, based on figures provided by mayors of
devastated towns in the eastern Philippines. No survivors are reported
on farmland buried by volcanic mud, debris and boulders and hopes for
finding any have virtually vanished.

The typhoon was the fourth big storm to hit the islands in
four months. It buffeted the Mayon volcano with winds of up to 165 mph
(265 km/h), causing ash and boulders to cascade down in walls of black
mud that swamped villages.

Most of the deaths were in Albay province, where 52 tonnes of
relief goods, including medicines and body bags, have been flown in.
Bodies were buried in mass graves over the weekend. (AP)

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are needed in the Phillipines, after a Typhoon Durian recently struck the area leaving thousands homeless.  Contact the Scientology Volunteer Ministers international hotline to find out how you can help.

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