Split between Windows & Linux

March 25, 2007 0 By Tad Reeves

If you read the comments on the Digg post I put on this Windows Vista activation fiasco, it appears some people thought I was just trying to stir up the Linux/MS thing for Digg publicity.  Well, wish it was the reason I spent 6.5 hours on hold, but unfortunately I generally have better things to do with my life than be on hold waiting to activate my operating system.  Anyhow, fine — I ended up keeping my FC6 box for sysadmin stuff that is just better on Linux, and fired up XP Pro on my new Core2 box.  As I’m doing a lot of training on folks now, I need to know what the usual Windows user sees – so fine, XP it is. 

That also means I can keep writing with LiveWriter, which still is the best reason I’ve found to stick with Windows.  It is right now the Ultimate Blogging machine. 

See, check this out.  Let’s say I’m doing one of my regular stories like I do with my other blog on orgsaroundtheworld.wordpress.com — showing off some gorgeous, restored Scientology building somewhere in the world.   Take Scientology in Buffalo, NY for example.

Well, with a swift keystroke, I can fire in a map of the area from MS Live Maps:


Blammo.  Bird’s eye view.  Not the most flattering view of the building, but still pretty slick.  If you don’t like it, though, you can rotate it. 


I’m not a usual one to be a Microsoft proponent, but seriously — that is one of the coolest applications for blogging I’ve ever seen.