August 25, 2006 2 By Tad Reeves

I just saw that we’ve got some nifty statistics on these WordPress blogs – something that did not have.  As noted earlier, I started this blog simply so that I could try out this Netscape plugin (which I’ve still not gotten working), but the stats definitely has me sold as I’m a sucker for stats.

Ever since I learned about Statistics management from a course I took at my Church of Scientology, I found statistics of nearly any sort absolutely riveting.  Statistics arent just numbers – they have meaning, and in themselves are an incredible analysis tool which can give one a course of action.  The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises has whole courses of study just on management by statistics.  It removes the whole idea of management by opinion.  One can then plan and program out handlings for things, whereas before there may just have been confusion.

Anyhow, I just wanted to put in that plug, seeing as though websites are probably the most core area where one has to grab hold of a statistics program like WebTrends or HBX and dig in to stats — as if you’re running anything more major than, say, a blog – you need to be able to know precisely what’s going on, and then be able to formulate a course of action as a result.