Sun Now lntel-ized

January 23, 2007 0 By Tad Reeves

As reported earlier, Sun will begin selling dual-processor Xeon servers in the first half of the year, and Intel will provide engineering resources to optimize Sun’s Solaris operating system. With the move, Sun becomes the last of the four tier-one server sellers to rely jointly on x86 processors from Intel and AMD.Schwartz and Otellini”This is a market-changing event,” Sun Chief Executive Jonathan Schwartz said at a news conference here with Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini. “It totally changes the perspective a customer has on how they can do business with Sun and how they can do business with Intel.”Otellini gave a vote of confidence for the x86 version of Solaris chips, which Sun nearly canceled a few years back. “Solaris is evolving as a mainstream operating system, and it’s evolving in terms of the equipment Sun ships,” Otellini said. He alluded to the fact that Dell, IBM and Hewlett-Packard rely on others for their x86 operating systems: “Sun is in the relatively unique position of being the operating system supplier and doing the hardware.”

Intel reclaims spot in Sun servers | CNET

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