Sunset Walk Around Knoxville [Lumia 1020 + New Tripod]

September 24, 2013 0 By Tad Reeves

I’m long overdue on writing a full and proper review of my thoughts & experiences with Windows Phone 8 and my now trio of Nokia Lumia phones that I’ve had in the house.

However, for now, just have a look at this set of photos taken on a little sunset walk I just took around downtown Knoxville with my Lumia 1020 — the camera on this phone is legit.

I picked up the phone about 2 weeks ago at the Microsoft Store after the price was dropped to a competitive $199 on contract. The Microsoft Store also threw in the $79 Battery Grip for free, which was the deal clincher. The Battery Grip not only provides a nice grip and larger dedicated two-stage shutter release, and an additional 1020mAH battery, but most intriguingly provides a screw-in tripod mount.

The 41-megapixel camera and full manual controls afforded to the camera, plus the ability to mount a tripod, now all of the sudden open up a huge range of fun things to do with a camera phone.

Seriously – just try doing any of these 4-sec exposure shots with an iPhone — or any Android phone for that matter.

The shots I took here were done after I ran to Best Buy and picked up a $14 Joby Gorillapod tripod, which easily fits in my shorts pocket when not in use, and provides much utility for things like the fountain shots you see here, as well as the selfie taken by the Gay St. Bridge.

I’m just in love with this phone!