The Technology and Anatomy of an Argument

September 25, 2006 0 By Tad Reeves

Some people tend to enjoy getting into arguments. They’re just that way. They’re the sort that are always itching for a reason to argue with you, just for the sake of arguing.

Well, I guess that’s okay sometimes.

However, in the realm of business, arguments, negative comments and banter, disagreements and upsets — all of them end up in wasted production time for employees and executives, and commonly just end up with either an impasse or key production targets not getting done.

So, it definitely becomes something that is out of the realm of “nice” and into the realm of “neccesary” for a business to know the anatomy of disputes and arguments and how to actually, effectively, resolve conflicts.

This technology is something that has been known by Scientologists for some time, but finds extreme relevance to the business world.

Thus the announcement below, which was made by WISE (the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises):

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises Providing Vital Know-How for the Businesses Community Anyone contemplating starting a business of his or her own could be daunted by the statistics: according to the US Department of Trade and Industry, as of two years ago, nearly 50% of small businesses in America fail within their first three years in operation…

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This booklet announced by WISE gives one the whole technology on upsets, arguments and disputes, and how one can use this technology to resolve them, and thus increase productivity.

Contact WISE for more info.