What technology does India need?

October 1, 2006 7 By Tad Reeves

India is a perplexing country to some, myself included.

Here is a country which suffers from poverty, from unreal third-world conditions for a large majority of its population, and is a country stuffed with over a billion people.  See photos of their most major cities, and with the exception of a few, they pale in aesthetics and engineering to many other world cities like Hong Kong and New York City.

However, in and amongst all that are millions upon millions of some of the most brilliant people on earth.  Here is a country filled with absurd amounts of talent and thinking men & women — and not just in the area of computer, network, civil and electrical engineering either.  These are luminary philosophers, brilliant movie makers and writers, etc.

With all that, what technology does India then need to move it forward?  In some countries one could argue that it’s cell phones, or perhaps automobiles.  Perhaps it’s a better flu medication or a better way to fix a broken leg, or maybe it’s how to build massive public transportation infrastructures that can alleviate the quality of living & working in crowded cities like Mumbai or Kolkata.

However, it’s not just a random engineer that’s going to hand someone a Nokia or a Toyota Prius hybrid and solve the whole thing.  It’s individual Indians being made more able so they can then lead others, and make their own individual lives better for whatever they need to improve in their lives.

In some cases, what’s missing is effective education.  As Mr. David Miscavige pointed out in his Grand Opening speech at the Church of Scientology of New York, it’s the technology of education itself that is many times missing, and is what is provided by the study technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Other times, it’s the exact technology of how to get someone off drugs, and even keep them from taking them in the first place.   Again, articulated in his This is Scientology presentation at the Celebrity Centre Gala, one thing that Scientology is known for is the fact that Scientologists do have the beat down on how to get people off drugs, routinely and effectively – quite in addition to having the largest drug-prevention campaign in the world.

When you’ve got something you just hope works, or that you plead with the nearest divine entity to make work, or that works every so often but you don’t know why, that’s not technology – that’s luck.  However, anything that can have an exact technique, and exact procedures by which you go about something which then produces an intended result, that’s where you get actual technology – and in this case the technologies of Scientology in the realm of education, drug prevention, and the simple technologies the Scientology Volunteer Ministers use to be able to bring calm to an area hit by disaster — these are technologies which I would submit that India needs – as that helps the people themselves, who will then go on to bring change and improvements to the country.