Another Slick Use for Google Maps: Platial WebKit

March 8, 2007 3 By Tad Reeves

I was just updating the template of my blog, and saw yet another nifty item I can add to the Regulus template on WordPress — MapKit by Platial.

Now, I’m still trying to figure out precisely what I’ll be using this for, and precisely why exactly it’s so neat — as like Flickr, it may take a bit for me to realize the potential marketing and collaborational aspects to a tool like this.

The main idea seems to be that you can put up a little map (or big map, if you like) onto your site, and have this annotated with all sorts of comments, Flickr photos, RSS feeds, whatever — all relating to that particular map point.

So, for example, I could take all of the Scientologists I have on my Scientology Blogs page, and just map them to the physical world using WebKit.  Then, all of you reading this could march along, plop yourself on the map on the site, and add your own comments.

Now, being as fascinated with geography as I am, I could see this as having its main use just in the fascination I have with maps and things.  That could work.  Could be that it’s just another way to get people to comment and interact with your blog.  That could be it too.  I guess if I had a site, and wanted to depict people from all over the world interacting with the site, that would be neat.  Say, let’s say I were to volunteer up a site maybe for Volunteer Ministers of India or something like this, and I wanted to show that Volunteer Ministers from all over the world were coming to the site.  Guess I could use it for this.

Anyone else have ideas on this?