New Digg-Like Web 2.0 App for Blog Voting

March 6, 2007 3 By Tad Reeves

As if there weren’t already enough me-too Digg clones!  Now there’s a Digg clone specifically for blogs called ““.  Works the same way as Digg, and has the same icon look as ShoutWire, and integrates in some of the screen-capping, baby-icon-displaying techniques that WordPress is currently using. 

Now, I wouldn’t find it too objectionable, except for the problem that not a lot of people are using it yet.  Digg has the benefit of (a) showing you at least what the stupid masses are clicking on, so usually the top stories have some manner of interest, and (b) has a large enough corpus of articles so that if you search for ‘Scientology‘ or ‘Volunteer Ministers‘ or ‘Washing Machine Launcher‘ or something that may not usually come up with a ton of results, you’ll still find some stories.   On, all I’m seeing on the front page is some items with 7 ‘wags’ as the max number of votes. 

Still seems like a decent app though, and does fill a bit of a niche.  Many places like Shoutwire don’t like you to submit blogs to them at all as many people fill this with ‘low quality posts’ (i.e. spam crap).  So, provided that people don’t fill this one with ‘spam crap’ it could turn out all right.

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