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Dreamweaver CS3 on Linux

My main system right now is back on Linux.  Fedora 7 came out, and I couldn’t resist.  Being on Windows was starting to get on my nerves.
Being as it’s been a few months, I decided to see if any headway had been made on getting Dreamweaver running on Linux.  Dreamweaver CS3 is out, Apollo is threatening to change all our lives, and make a Flash-based operating system, and figured this was just the time for someone to make a big breakthrough and decide to port Dreamweaver to Linux.

So, I went and typed in “dreamweaver linux” into my handy Flock browser, and lo and behold – the first result was a great article on Dreamweaver on Linux!  I’m saved!

However, much to my dismay, my hopes were quickly dashed.  The article I came up with on that #1 result was an article I wrote and posted in my Scientology Network Engineer Blog several months ago about open-source alternatives to Dreamweaver, and how all such alternatives just don’t add up to the real deal.


It still befuddles me, in that Linux is the ideal web development platform, all except for the fact that you can’t natively run the ideal web development tool.  My copy of Dreamweaver that I own is MX 2004, so it won’t even run on Crossover Office or WINE.  Dreamweaver CS3 also is verified to NOT work via WINE.

So, I’m once again, back to Quanta.

Please, any suggestions would be mighty helpful.

24 thoughts on “Dreamweaver CS3 on Linux”

  1. Dan –

    Funny you should mention the Scientology Handbook. First I would probably say that the Technology of Communication is the primary tool to use here, as it’s clearly not been communicated sufficiently or accurately enough to the powers that be how many people would end up on a Linux platform using Dreamweaver if Adobe would simply release it. The fact that I can still Yahoo! for “dreamweaver linux” and only come up with a blog post that I did, indicates an insufficient level of communication! One would think that more people that me would want to use this!

  2. Or you could turn the problem around; if enough Scientologists decided to work on Wine in their spare time, they could probably get Photoshop and dozens of other apps working before New Year’s. So perhaps you should use the Technology of Communication to convince Scientology HQ to rally the troops.

    But in the meantime, here’s a page on the effort to support Photoshop:

  3. Very well spoken, Mr. Kegel. Unfortunately for me, I’m a system administrator and fairly worthless as a low-level programmer. Sure that I could learn, but that’s not my bent, at this time. I’m sure we could find a few, though, who could help with the effort – as just imagine a free platform you could run Photoshop and Dreamweaver on. Every developer I’m in contact with would be on Linux already if there was such a thing.

  4. Actually, you can do a lot of good just by
    testing your favorite apps under Wine
    and filing bugs. That’s mostly what I do
    (aside from recruiting new developers 🙂

    If you are at all into gui scripting, you could
    also help by scripting app test cases.
    We’re just starting this; check
    in a couple weeks, when we have some nice
    autohotkey test cases checked in.

  5. Dan – thanks much for that.

    I ended up basically sidestepping my lack of debugging time on Wine by grabbing VirtualBox and just running a Windows2003 instance and a Vista instance on my box. As such, I’ve been able to just run CS3 and any of the other goodies I’ve needed to, without having to wrestle with odd compatibility bugs, etc. Tradeoff is more RAM needed and klunky interoperability with the host system, but when you have processor cores to spare, dual displays, and the multiple flippy desktop thing in Beryl, it actually rocks.

  6. Tony – I think I’ll handle this in a separate blog post, as the discussion of why to use Fedora vs. Ubuntu vs. whatever other Linux distro is one I’m going to have a rough time handling in a comment field.

    In short, though, I’m familiar with the Redhat packaging setup and networking setup, so that’s one reason. Another is that I like the Desktop, like the bundled apps, and have a ton of things that are already meant to work with Redhat. And, the 6-month release schedule is also nice.

  7. Thank you, for the response. I’m looking forward to what you have to say on this.

    My interest is in .deb vs .rpm. I’ve used both (a bit) – which is better?

    That fork – .deb vs .rpm is significant.

    I think that Linux will play a significant role in the future.

    Which way?

  8. I run Dreamweaver 8 on wine and it runs just fine apart from the resource drain issue. I haven’t seen any native linux app that can stand up to DW yet as far as xhtml and css are concerned.

  9. I’ve just managed to get CS3 going in wine – I know it’s been a year since the original post but if you search the wine appdb for dreamweaver cs3 you’ll find good info on doing it. The only caveat being that the installer won’t run in wine so you have to install it on windows (Using VMware makes sense for this) and copy the files over to your wine drive.

  10. @turbotad,
    At least Linux Commands are in English 😉
    btw, I know a few ppl in Scientology.I m not but i m curious on that.Maybe someday..

  11. @Bytan – thanks for that, and yes — at least your commands are in english. It’s unfortunate for me that Google Translate doesn’t do Turkish!

    But that’s cool that you know a few people in Scientology. Now you know one more!

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