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Flocking back to Flock

The Social Web Browser.As I mentioned in my previous post, my main system is now back on Linux. I’ve also switched my primary browsing back to Flock (was using IE7 and Firfox on my XP and Vista boxes). The main thing I love about Flock is how simple and fast it is to blog about something. You’re just cruising along, see something interesting, and just – wham – ctrl+b and you’re blogging.

I don’t know if anyone noticed my absence, but pretty much the week or so when Scientology was getting a whole bunch of publicity in mid-May due to that yellow journalist Sweeney, somehow forgot about my blogs and was just clicking off on various other things like Digg and Reddit and so forth. Blogging on my XP machine was a matter of opening up my /wp-admin/ page and logging in and blah blah and it just wasn’t as conducive to the spur-of-the-moment blog.

Now, I’m sure there are tools that are okay at this in Windows too, but combined with how in-love I am with my bouncy-window Compiz desktop on Fedora, I’m just glad to be back. I just think that as soon as Apollo is released on Linux, this desktop is going to take over the world.

(that is, if I can ever get Dreamweaver working on Linux!!)

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4 thoughts on “Flocking back to Flock”

  1. Flock is an excellent browser for blogging alright. It can’t upload images as far as I can remember.

    You can blog to wordpress straight from Office 2007 as well. I have never tried it myself though as I’m an OO man.

  2. Quite so. On the images, that is indeed a bit of a pain. I just use photobucket for all of my images — makes it easier.

    But as a linux man, I’m definitely an OOo man as well. I stopped using Office at Office XP — definitely haven’t done much of anything with Office2003 or 2007. Free definitely is a better price than $300.

  3. I haven’t tried Flock. It sounds cool.

    On blogging with Word 2007: I do use it to blog. I create my post in OneNote 2007 (what an awesome piece of software that is) and then with a right-click menu selection I select “Blog This”. The note is moved into Word, which now has a blogging interface built in, so you can set up all the usernames, passwords, urls, etc. I choose the blog to post to and away it goes.

    It does add a bit of unnecessary xml and html but usually it looks okay on the blogs so I don’t complain (at least no too much).

  4. Hey jetteroheller,

    Glad to hear you’re back to Flock! We have a new release (0.9) out in about 5 weeks that should rock your socks off. 🙂

    @grahamesd: Flock comes with a built-in Blog Editor as well as the ability to right-click any text, link, or photo and select “Blog This.” Give 0.9 a try in about 5 weeks, I think you’ll like it!

    Evan Hamilton
    Flock Community Ambassador
    evan at flock dot com

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