Enjoying the Country’s Most Beautiful Rest Areas

October 24, 2007 1 By Tad Reeves

There’s almost nothing I like better than a good drive across the USA.

Unless you’ve done it yourself, it’s tough to really have reality on how expansive, varied, and beautiful our country is.

Going through my old nature photos after my blog action day post, I decided to devote a post to what I think is the most beautiful highway rest area in the USA. While I’m sure it can be argued that there are others (and I’d like to see them) this one takes the cake for me as the most stunning Interstate pull-off I’ve seen. (view my Flickr map for its exact location — it’s in Agate, Utah).

I’ve driven through every single U.S. state now except for Louisiana, Mississippi, North & South Dakota and Montana.   Chances are, there may be a rest stop in Montana that beats this one in Utah, but I’ll need someone to tell me that.

Meantime, here are some other photos of this:

My buddy, Amy, from the Church of Scientology of St. Louis snapped this one.

Amy’s also responsible for this one, same location, arguably one of my favourite photos I have.

Amy, snapping away.

In any case, I would be interested to see if anyone has a runner-up for the most beautiful Interstate rest area in the US. Any takers?

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