How to Make a Terrorist in 3 Easy Steps

August 29, 2006 28 By Tad Reeves

Terrorists don’t just grow out of the desert in Iraq, and they don’t have Terrorist State University in Iran. There isn’t a terrorist manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh, and there isn’t a “Terrorist” major in Isreali junior colleges. Terrorists ARE MADE though, and this article tells how. It’s done with brainwashing, drugs, and major psychiatric involvement.

Most people don’t know what actually goes in to making a terrorist these days.

I don’t know what many people think actually – with the amount of terrorism, and barbaric bombing of this and that which you see these days. They don’t see the major outpoint that it’s just illogical to have someone want to blow up a mosque or conduct a suicide bombing or shoot small children, or what have you.  It doesn’t make sense.

Of course it doesn’t make sense — because the average person doesn’t see what’s behind terrorists, and it’s not promoted in the news that the right-hand man for Osama Bin Laden for many years has been a psychiatrist.

The whole training of terrorists, for YEARS, has been with drugging and brainwashing.  Read the article in Freedom Magazine, and you’ll see precisely what I’m talking about.

It’s not like it hasn’t happened before – look up the derivation of the word “assasin” and you’ll see something quite interesting.  They’ve been doing the same damn pattern for centuries.  But now, it’s psychiatrists with psychiatric drugs and toture.

Really makes you want to trust that profession with your children, right?