The Technology of Human Communication

August 29, 2006 3 By Tad Reeves

Talk to any Internet guy, and he’ll be able to tell you all about all kinds of ways to communicate.  There’s telephone and e-mail and websites and instant messaging and skype, pagers, Blackberries and all manner of other devices.  Oh yes, and there’s talking to someone too.

However, the brushed-off portion of this, usually, is not the physical means of communication but the actual content of the communication or the lack thereof.  How many people actually know the technology of communication?  It has a precise technology and anatomy, and just like you wouldn’t have a cell phone call without a battery in the phone, you don’t have an actual communication unless you have all the parts of it there.

The anatomy of communication was very thoroughly worked out in Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard, and is something which anyone can learn.  There isn’t anyone, at any strata of life (executive or street sweeper) which can’t benefit by a proper use of communication.

Get the basics on the following pages, and then stop in at a Church of Scientology and take a course.  It won’t take you more than a few days, but you’ll be glad you did it.  Just talk to anyone that has.
What is Communication?
Factors of Communication
Two-Way Communication
Suggestions for Further Study