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Posting Videos with Embed Tags to WordPress Blogs

In my last post, I was attempting to insert two videos into my post from the Way to Happiness website. However, I was thwarted by the built-in filter that WordPress has on <embed> tags.  So, the videos were stripped. 

They posted just fine to my Blogger blog, however.

Anyone know of a way around this?  I know there are custom wordpress tags for YouTube videos, specifically, but not just for plain-old <embed> type videos, which are strewn over all sorts of other video-sharing sites on the net.

22 thoughts on “Posting Videos with Embed Tags to WordPress Blogs”

  1. Hi, Jettero, problem with that is too simple! 😉 The tag is [ Youtube= ] without the spaces, of course. You use the URL, not the embedding stuff on Youtube. 🙂

  2. But does that work to embed normal videos from places other than YouTube? I’ve successfully used the YouTube= tag before, but for videos from places like TWTH, or from other places that just use an tag, they seem to get nuked.

  3. Well, unfortunately, that’s the precise reason I wanted to use the videos from the Way to Happiness site – as they are much higher quality than the ones on YouTube. It’s sort of a drag, as on Blogger, the videos post straight through – no worries at all. In fact, on my last post I just used an “insert video” command when posting using MS Live Writer, and it threw previewable video right there into the gui window. Easily the most pimped-out blogger client I’ve run into.

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