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November 16, 2006 0 By Tad Reeves

See the complete email designToday we’re highlighting a very nice looking email invitation sent on behalf of World Harvest Mission.This beauty is entirely CSS based, and just like Mark Wyner’s sample email, degrades gracefully to a nicely formatted rich text email in those email environments with less CSS support, such as Gmail.The design also looks great with or without images enabled, and we were also impressed with the attention to detail used in the secondary conference informaiton at the bottom of the email.

Email Newsletter Design – Campaign Monitor Blog

I was just searching around for best practices on how to design an e-mail newsletter, and came up with an excellent page that lists roughly a bazillion different e-mail newsletters, with good/bad points on each.  As L. Ron Hubbard stated in an essay entitled, A Professional from the Art Book, it’s excellent to see how true professionals handle a subject like this so that one has a library of such to look at when doing one’s own.

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