Intriguing — How about Solid-State Storage for your Laptop?

November 17, 2006 0 By Tad Reeves

Most business users claim only a fraction of the hard drive space provided for them, especially considering most unique data gets written to a network anyway. The operating system and applications can all fit in less than 10GB of space, which is well within the sizes of solid-state hard drives today. Barnetson’s group has calculated that during an 8-hour day the average hard drive: * Has about a 1% chance of failure per year * Consumes 9W * Loses about 7 to 15 minutes per day in productivityThe fact that we lose so much time alone due to hard drive spin-ups and seeks is alone appalling, but the decreased power consumption is what is driving solid-state adoption today. A NAND device uses less than 200 milliwatts during read/writes, and 0 watts when not being accessed. On the desktop this is relatively unimportant, but on a notebook the hard drive accounts for 10% of the total power draw. Cutting this number down to less than 1% means an extra 12 minutes of usage on my 2 hour battery.

DailyTech – Solid-state Drives Ready for Prime Time

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