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Why I Got My Wife a Linux Laptop


2 thoughts on “Why I Got My Wife a Linux Laptop”

  1. I tried that too… she wasn’t too happy about it though 🙁

    Her work then started to run the Citrix system. For her to be able to log into the system at work from home, she had to install some Windows component that Ubuntu just wouldn’t swallow. She also uses MS Office, and isn’t all too willing to give Libre Office an honest try.

    All in all I’ve tried to convert all my family (brothers, sisters, parents, wives, children and even friends) to Linux – it has been an up hill struggle, and it’s never stuck :s

    Are you not having similar issues? And if so, how do you cope?

    Anyhow, better luck to you!

    (Nice blog, btw ^^)

    1. Well, for me, luckily, my wife hates the MS Office Ribbon UI, and much prefers OpenOffice/LibreOffice. She also, unlike me, rather likes the Gnome 3 UI, and likes the fact that her Linux laptop starts up literally 5 minutes faster than Vista did on the same hardware. Only reason we keep one Windows box in the house is for Netflix, which unfortunately has no acceptable workaround.

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